All India Transport Contractors and Commission Agency Business in Bangalore

All India Transport Contractors and Commission Agency Business in Bangalore

We have been supporting transport and allied services for shipping raw materials and finished goods from factories to customer at door step. We are among the reliable and trusted transport contactors and commission agency in Bangalore. Let’s talk to the expert and find what this is about.

1.      How Transport contactors business work?

When our company receives a call for transporting the goods be it commercial goods or household goods, we try to collect all the details related to items for shipping such as size of the shipment, weight of the cargo and then our traffic department team will source and arrange the suitable vehicle for client to transport the goods.

2.      What is transport commission agency means?

Lets understand sourcing a right commercial vehicle for customers keeps us in business and it requires a great team effort from sourcing the right commercial vehicle and placing the same at request in a quick possible time. For this whole effort we charge commission for the service and this is called a Transport commission services.

3.      Would your company enter into transport contact agreement with clients?

Earlier it was a part of our business and we use to enter in to quarterly and yearly contract when the fuel prices in india were stable, but over a period of time the fluctuation in diesel price has caused a loss in transport contract business and we opted for daily price revision. However we still do enter monthly contact agreement and also project transport contract with companies.

4.      You said you charge commission on your transport business what percentage do you charge?

Transport commission purely works on the client’s payment policy. We have multiple commission structure depending upon the various factors like

A.      Size of the Truck Needed for Transportation.

Sourcing a truck of the regular size is relatively easier than shipping a ODC trailer shipment. Let’s say a client is looking for regular Light Goods Commercial Vehicle or Heavy Goods Truck Vehicle then sourcing is easier in comparison to sourcing a Trailer for Truck Transport Service.  So, the transport commission varies.

B.      Distance of Transportation.

Transport commission for the shorter distance is less in comparison to moving a truck for a longer distance.

C.      Difficulty in sourcing the Vehicle.

During a peak season like Bakrid ,Diwali OR Holi the vehicles are in short supply, during these difficult vehicle sourcing times we have to pay premium to truck owners to carry  a truck load and our efforts and time goes to make a multiple calls to source a vehicle and commission gets higher.

D.     Size of the business offered by Client.

We charge a less transport commission or fare for the clients who exclusively hire our services and give a regular transport business. That’s Maruti Loyalty Scheme. Give us a Minimum transport business and we reduce of business commission.

E. Transport Payment Terms

A client making the payment upfront makes a great saving and also reduces on the transport charges. Were as clients opting for credit on transport services and making payment monthly or bimonthly pays higher commission as it attracts Interest Rate which affects over all transport cost.

If you have any more questions related to transport business we would be more than happy to Answer them and get free Transport estimate- 9448495491 now.

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